Fancy Pants Party Bags – Not Your Average Lolly Bags!

Looking for original kids’ party bags ideas?  Well forget cheap and nasty lolly bags filled with useless plastic junk and teeth-cracking candy and treat your party guests to our absolutely gorgeous, pre-filled and personalised kids’ party bags and boxes!


♥ Pre-filled kids party bags & boxes

Our party bags are conveniently packed, wrapped, labelled and delivered to your door, saving you precious time and all the hassle.

♥ Top quality party bag toys & favours

We choose our party bag fillers based on quality and value.  Parents will appreciate you sending their child home with a party bag filled with thoughtful, high quality products.

♥ Choice of healthy party bag fillers

Add high quality sweets or allergy-free, healthy alternatives - the choice is yours.

♥ Thoughtful thank you labels included

Each party bag or box includes a label printed with “Thanks for coming to my party!”

♥ Fast Australia-wide delivery only $9.95*

All our party bags are delivered by courier at a flat-rate of $9.95, regardless of the size of the order or the destination.

♥ Money-back Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’ll love our party bags, that we’ll refund your money* if you’re not completely satisfied.

So make planning your child’s next party a breeze and visit the Fancy Pants Party Shop for the best pre-filled and personalised kids’ party bags and boxes, for a perfect birthday party!

Lolly bags [lol-ee bagz] n.

  1. Flimsy, plastic bag filled with treats, given to children at the end of a birthday party to maintain a sugar-induced high, often leading to a crash-and-burn scenario;
  2. A favourite amongst some parents who will selflessly remove the offending lolly bag treats (for later consumption) in order to spare the child;
  3. Often filled with token plastic novelties guaranteed to break within moments of use.

[syn. loot bags, loot party bags, goody bags, goodie bags, party favor bags, treat bags].


Fancy Pants Party Bags [fan-see-pantz  pahr-tee bagz] n.

  1. Stylish organza bag or party box, filled with high quality, themed party favours and beautifully decorated with pretty ribbons and a gift tag;
  2. Themed party souvenir given to children at the end of a birthday party, personally thanking them for their attendance and best wishes;
  3. Healthy, but definitely not boring, alternative to traditional lolly bags;
  4. Can be used to decorate the birthday cake table, creating intense temptation amongst party guests, adoration of the birthday child and lots of resentment from other parents for setting such a high birthday party standard.

[syn. gorgeous, pre-filled and personalised, themed party bags and party boxes, for kids’ birthday parties].